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Super Absorbent Draining Mat

Introducing Super Absorbent Draining Mat, the perfect solution in preventing water splashes and coffee messes in the kitchen. This pad is made of a combination of faux velveteen and rubber material, making it durable and soft while being able to fold up for easy storage. Not only is it an effective absorber, but also a great drainer with its designed layers helping to reduce mildew and bacteria while keeping your countertops clean and hygienic. For added convenience to keep this mat in place, there are anti-slip textures on the back with a strong adsorption force that firmly attaches the mat to the table. Beyond the kitchen, this versatile product can be used as both a coffee pad or tableware drying pad for use in kitchens, bars, and bathrooms. With Super Absorbent Draining Mats you can take one less worry away when it comes to keeping your surfaces dry and clean!